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Jérémie Laval jeremie.laval at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 06:36:36 EST 2008

 Personally I think that a GUI class wizard is somehow too heavy (if you add
a field for each possible modifier it's just going to explode the screen)
and provide no real speed improvement over bare typing (my opinion of
course). What I would found more useful is a data-only class/struct
generator. What I mean by that is that we (I ?) tend to use a lot of class
which contains bare values (EventArgs, Database records etc...) which are
almost always composed of getter/setter and a constructor to initialize all
values. Doing a wizard that would automate that sort of things would be,
in my sense, really more useful. You would just add fields type and name
(the former could be autocompleted just like in the editor) and then the
wizard would generate the class skeleton, properties and constructor
(according to the fields you previously set up).

My two cents.


2008/2/6, olivier dufour <olivier.duff at gmail.com>:
> We have 2 choices, make a complete wizard with more than 1 page ( 2 at
> least and 4 at max).
> Or only choose only few things to have all in one page.
> Both have advantages and disadvantages.
> - Have all in one page and reduce number of click is always more user
> fiendly.
> - Too many things on a single page make it unreadable
> So we have to balance.
> Reduce number of features and have one single page or increase it and have
> multi-page.
> The question is really simple in fact, Do we need all this features or
> not.
> For me wizard must be something to not loose time to have to rewrite
> everytime the same thing but if we loose time to search in all options/page
> it will not be ok. Most of user will do customization in code. Most of time
> when I do a class, I do not know how it will evolved in future. I just know
> basic things.
> Yes multi-page is better because reusable but in point of view of user
> they do not care because they just want and easy and simple thing which do a
> lot of things... ;)
> Imo, single page will be good because simple and easier is always more
> user friendly else they will do it directely in code.
> Anyway, I will follow what is the end decision.
> II have try to see what is the solution choose by others but I have only
> found what eclipse have done:
> - eclipse single page
> - VS2005 : ? ( nothing I guess)
> - Kdevelop : ? ( nothing I guess)
> ...
> Olivier
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