[MonoDevelop] Status of the managed text editor [UPDATE]

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Mon Feb 4 03:14:57 EST 2008


Ok instead of watching TV for a week (beside Simpons, Battle Star
Galactica and Heroes) I've worked on the text editor.

Good news: It's really great. Bad news: It's not in the build.

What I've done:
 * Folding works
 * bookmarks, goto line number, context menu commands - works
 * Added more highlightings (I think it's possible to write a converter
from other editors, maybe jedit or vim): C,C++,Java and VB.NET
 * New sheme: tango (a light tango sheme) - I like it
 * Tons of bug fixes (I think users can try it out)

Still missing:
 * Printing (Is anybody going to need this?)
 * Bracked highlighting is missing
 * A new ton of bug fixes (But I need some bugs!!!)

If you want to try it out you have to compile monodevelop with
monodevelop itself and adding MonoDevelop.SourceEditor2 and
Mono.Texteditor projects to the Addins solution. (main/src/addins
If you can wait a few more days - I'll include it in the standard build
file (switch needed).


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