[MonoDevelop] Running configure under Cygwin in Windows - "Can't find 'mono' in PATH"

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 11:08:22 EST 2008

On 12/16/2008 02:58 PM, Huk wrote:
>  And here is the problem - when I try to run configure it says:
>  configure: error: Can't find "mono" in your PATH
>  How do I fix this?

Did you restart?  Windows doesn't notice changes to PATH until you 
restart (or maybe you can just log out and log back in, I forget).

By the way, those instructions are over two years old, and that version 
of Mono is positively ancient.  MonoDevelop from SVN requires at least 
Mono 2.0.  I have no idea how much luck you will have building MD on 
Windows, as nobody has done it with recent code in a long time (from 
what I can tell).


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