[MonoDevelop] Crashes when saving project after adding menu item.

Evil Jay monodevelop-list at eternaldusk.com
Sat Sep 29 15:13:38 EDT 2007

Michael Hutchinson wrote:
> I'd be very surprised if the checks are missing.
I wish I had an exact list, but by my 20th time through compiling
everything I just started installing gnome and -dev libraries
wholesale:  libvte-dev, gtkhtml, etc.  I'm not sure which of the ones I
installed got everything to build properly, but MonoDevelop wouldn't
work until I hit the magic packages..

I didn't know things weren't being built when I first tried SVN, because
bootstrap on the new GTK# didn't tell me.  It wasn't until I tried
building GTK# 2.8.3 that .configure showed me that four things wouldn't
be built because of missing pre-reqs.  That's how I realized I needed
librsvg2-dev et al.

> FWIW, "sudo apt-get build-dep monodevelop" would have eased your pain a lot...

I considered doing that, but did not because I expect it would have
installed the Ubuntu Mono package, which would not work.  Monodevelop
failed checking for UNMANAGED_DEPENDENCIES_MONO, until I compiled Mono
from source.  There might be some path I could have added or something
to make it work, but I couldn't find any info on it when I did web
searches; I only found other people saying they had compiled Mono from
source to get around it.


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