[MonoDevelop] Suggestion for Long-Term Development of MD

Jacek Ruzyczka ruzyczka at versanet.de
Thu Nov 15 15:53:02 EST 2007

> This is probably more of a job for a 3rd Party Component Vendor or
> something, may I suggest you take your spreadsheet widget and release out
> at e.g. SourceForge under e.g. LGPL or something...?
I'll do that once it runs stably. Some time in the future it should look like 
the javax.swing.JTable counterpart in Java / Swing: 

> Have you searched for existing 3rd Party Libraries solving those issues...?
I've already done that, found several solutions for Ajax, but not for Gtk# 
desktop apps.

> I assume you've developed for Desktop systems, but I'l say this anyway. I'm
> one of the core developers behind Gaia Ajax Widgets
> (http://ajaxwidgets.com) which is a (commercially backed) Open Source Ajax
> library for ASP.NET and all though we don't have a SpreadSheet Widgets it's
> very easy to create one yourself since you can just wrap the existing Mono
> ones like Repeater or GridView etc and make them "ajaxified"...?
It's gonna be a Gtk# desktop app.

> However this question is probably more likely to get intelligent answer on
> any of the "Mono" lists and not on the IDE list. ;)
Well, theoretically the guys & girls developing Gtk# could help me...

> Still it's probably more of a job for a 3rd Party SW Vendor than of the
> "core Mono" development team...
"3rd party SW vendor" would mean some OSS developer in this context. 
Generally, the Mono / MD community is still quite small, but I hope that this 
will change in the near future, so that somebody will concentrate on these 
fancy high-level widgets and then integrate them into MD.

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