[MonoDevelop] Gendarme Addin

Iñigo Illán Aranburu kodeport at terra.es
Fri May 25 05:09:18 EDT 2007

On vie, 2007-05-25 at 10:37 +0300, Eli Yukelzon wrote:
> Inigo, thanks for the comments.

No problem!

> On 5/25/07, Iñigo Illán Aranburu <kodeport at terra.es> wrote:
>         I would suggest to put the "Run test" on some other place. For
>         example
>         on the Solution/Project right click menu. The button wastes a
>         lot of
>         space IMHO. You could make the entry dynamic so you can choose
>         what test 
>         to pass (I don't know if it's feasible). Also, I don't get the
>         point of
>         having the violations tree discoverable.
> Regarding the conversion of Run button into a context Run menu - I
> think I'll take that suggestion. 
> I am not clear on what you mean by 'discoverable' tree.

For discoverable tree I mean the expander that hides the list of
violations found.

>         Having the "Run gendarme tests" on the menu makes the run on
>         all items 
>         in the solution option useless, that is IMO a bit confusing.
> If I move the Run command to the context menu, it will make the option
> useless, I will remove it.
> If you find any issues, feel free to drop me an email or add a ticket
> at the project site. 

I think there should also be a visual clue of the state of the running
tests. It's a bit annoying not knowing if it has finished pasing the
> Thanks
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