[MonoDevelop] Compile Error when Cross developing in SharpDevelop/MonoDevelop

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Sun May 20 10:49:06 EDT 2007

Do a diff of the MD saved csproj from a previous SD version (svn has
ways to do that, and tortoiseSVN exposes that in Windows too), so you
can tell us what is the specific problem. I would guess the path to
the resource may have been improperly changed (switched directory
separators or lost the drive part).


On 5/15/07, Jarrel Cobb <jarrel.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I created a new class library Project in SharpDevelop (work computer).
> Added some files and code then committed it to a SVN server.  Later, I
> checked that project out with MonoDevelop (home computer).  Everything
> compiled and run fine..all Unit Tests passed.  I made changes with
> MonoDevelop and committed them to SVN.  This morning at my windows work
> machine I grabbed the changes from SVN but it will not compile in
> SharpDevelop or Visual Studio.  I get an compile error "Error generating
> Win32 resource: Error reading icon".  I may be incorrect but my belief is
> that MonoDevelop made a change to the .csproj file to cause this error.  I
> assume this because when I replaced the csproj file that was check out from
> the SVN server with a local copy that was created by SharpDevelop (one that
> was never in the SVN server so never touched by MonoDevelop) everything
> compiles fine in SharpDevelop and Visual Studio.  Is there any setting that
> I made of toggled to cause this?  I haven't added any icons to the project
> in SharpDevelop/Visual Studio or MonoDevelop.
> Thank you
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