[MonoDevelop] Compile Error when Cross developing in SharpDevelop/MonoDevelop

Jarrel Cobb jarrel.lists at gmail.com
Tue May 15 14:59:28 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I created a new class library Project in SharpDevelop (work computer).
Added some files and code then committed it to a SVN server.  Later, I
checked that project out with MonoDevelop (home computer).  Everything
compiled and run fine..all Unit Tests passed.  I made changes with
MonoDevelop and committed them to SVN.  This morning at my windows work
machine I grabbed the changes from SVN but it will not compile in
SharpDevelop or Visual Studio.  I get an compile error "Error generating
Win32 resource: Error reading icon".  I may be incorrect but my belief is
that MonoDevelop made a change to the .csproj file to cause this error.  I
assume this because when I replaced the csproj file that was check out from
the SVN server with a local copy that was created by SharpDevelop (one that
was never in the SVN server so never touched by MonoDevelop) everything
compiles fine in SharpDevelop and Visual Studio.  Is there any setting that
I made of toggled to cause this?  I haven't added any icons to the project
in SharpDevelop/Visual Studio or MonoDevelop.

Thank you
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