[MonoDevelop] How to update Monodevelop from the SVN

MRNoblestone mrnoblestone at gmail.com
Sat May 19 12:51:20 EDT 2007

I am still a a noob to Linux, Ubuntu, and certainly to Monodevelop, and 
have next to no experience with updating anything from the latest 
SVN.    I am trying to do some bug reporting, however, and would like to 
update MD regularly as fixes appear.  
Would someone please consider giving me a patient, step-by-step 
instruction for how this can be done, including all critical links, 
terminal commands, etc.  I am quite sure the post would be used by many 
in the future. 

If there's a page for this I could not locate it.  

I have "build-essentials" already on my system, so I assume I am ready 
to run a make file, but that's about all I understand.  Please be gentle 
with me  :)

Thanks in advance.

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