[MonoDevelop] How to Access the Gtk.HTML widget from the Stetic Designer

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri May 18 10:47:08 EDT 2007

Probably you'll have to start a Stetic control project to wrap-it.
Can't try it now, but I would create it and edit it to inherit from
Gtk.Html, if that doen't work. it would have to be agregatted and all
methods-properties would have to be wrapped.

Given time, the right thing to do next, was to add GTK.Html to Stetic
itself (but I'm quite sure it is complicated by not wanting to have a
hard-reference to that assembly a nd so a dependency)

In the long run, GTK# iand GTK.Html would need to evolve to be
annotated (with attributes or some other way), to help stetic and
other designer, cope with dynamic toolboxes, like we have with
WinForms/WebForms controls and various IDEs but currently not on MD.


On 5/18/07, Jacek Ruzyczka <stacheldraht at interia.pl> wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I'm currently striving to get the Gtk.HTML widget used in an application made
> with MonoDevelop 0.13. Only problem: It isn't part of the widget toolbox of
> the Stetic designer! Of course I have referenced the gtk-html package in my
> project, but this only makes the compiler recognize Gtk.HTML...
> Does anybody know how to get the HTML widget into the Stetic toolbar...maybe
> by using some kind of workaround? Thank you for your quick help.
> Regards
> GenMaj. Jacek Rużyczka
>  /* newbie, but everybody was a baby some time ago ;-) */
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