[MonoDevelop] Ported SharpD Editor

Iñigo Illán Aranburu kodeport at terra.es
Fri May 4 06:33:06 EDT 2007

I have been playing with it a little bit now, I must say it seems
interesting but It feels heavy on my computer, even without systax
highlighting. The scrolling and selection of text isn't as smooth as it
should. I would like to see the Pango port of the editor as I think it
should gain some speedup. Also, I don't think as the Cairo port a must,
because it should be already using it through System.Drawing.

P.D: I don't know how strong is your background on Pango but I suggest
you to read some of the problems the first attempt of a port of the
SourceEditor had like the described here

On jue, 2007-05-03 at 17:53 -0700, Nate Hancock wrote:
> Attached is a copy of the ported SharpD Editor that I have been
> working on. Someone had requested that I make the source public, so
> here it is. 
> Right now I have the editor packed into a Gtk.Window for testing and
> most everything seems to work. I have not yet monkeyed with the code
> for the horizontal ruler that tracks the caret's column position, but
> I considered that non-essential.
> I had to re-write the caret handler, mouse handler, the clipboard
> handler and drag-drop handler from scratch, but the rest of the code
> is probably 80%-90% original. (I wasn't sure how to compare the code
> line-by-line or anything ...)
> Plans for the future:
>      --  Convert the drawing and font rendering to Cairo and Pango
>      --  Integrate it into Monodevelop as an Add-In
> Please feel free to comment on what you think about it. The code may
> be a little primitive because I have never taken a formal computer
> science course.
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