[MonoDevelop] Ported SharpD Editor

Nate Hancock nchancock at yahoo.com
Thu May 3 20:53:38 EDT 2007

Attached is a copy of the ported SharpD Editor that I have been working on. Someone had requested that I make the source public, so here it is. 

Right now I have the editor packed into a Gtk.Window for testing and most everything seems to work. I have not yet monkeyed with the code for the horizontal ruler that tracks the caret's column position, but I considered that non-essential.

I had to re-write the caret handler, mouse handler, the clipboard handler and drag-drop handler from scratch, but the rest of the code is probably 80%-90% original. (I wasn't sure how to compare the code line-by-line or anything ...)

Plans for the future:
     --  Convert the drawing and font rendering to Cairo and Pango
     --  Integrate it into Monodevelop as an Add-In

Please feel free to comment on what you think about it. The code may be a little primitive because I have never taken a formal computer science course.

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