[MonoDevelop] Unhandled Exception

Jeffrey Stedfast fejj at novell.com
Sun Mar 18 11:27:15 EDT 2007

Looks like some VB stuff isn't implemented in your version of mono...
you should probably consider asking on the mono list to see if the
method has been implemented in more recent versions (and/or to report a


On Sun, 2007-03-18 at 09:12 -0400, kubota2550 at gmail.com wrote:
> I'm trying to run a sample Text to Speech sample that works with VB
> Express.  I get the following error when trying to run:
> Unhandled Exception: System.NotImplementedException: The requested
> feature is not implemented. 
>   at Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Utils.GetResourceString
> (System.String ResourceKey, System.String[] Args) [0x00000] 
>   at TTSHelloWorld_VB.NET.My.MyProject
> +MyForms.Create__Instance__[Form1] (TTSHelloWorld_VB.NET.Form1
> Instance) [0x00000] 
>   at TTSHelloWorld_VB.NET.My.MyProject+MyForms.get_Form1 () [0x00000] 
>   at TTSHelloWorld_VB.NET.Form1.Main () [0x00000] 
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