[MonoDevelop] ASP.NET bin folder over a bin folder

Paulo Aboim Pinto esqueleto at tusofona.com
Fri Jun 29 15:21:48 EDT 2007

Hello ...

I had post in the malling-list a message about this problem, and I did 
not receive the message, then I'm sending again.

I have two projects in a solution, a web project and a class library. In 
my web project I make reference to the class library and when I compile 
the web project the reference dll goes do a bin folder inside the bin 
folder of the website.

I don't know why this is happening, but because of that when I run my 
website in XSP i get errors saying that my reference dll is not in bin 
folder. It's in bin folder inside bin folder.

Why the reference dlls goes to a bin folder inside a bin folder in 
ASP.NET projects!?!??!

any one can help me?

tkx in advance
Paulo Aboim Pinto
Odivelas - Portugal

PS: I post a bug in bugzilla too.

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