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Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 09:06:59 EDT 2007


On 7/26/07, George Lober <georgelober at glowsoftware.ca> wrote:
> Rafael Teixeira wrote:
> This looks worrisome.  I have searched around and it is looking like
> there isn't much in the way of, for the lack of a better word, "plug &
> play" components/widgets for Stetic from other sources like there is in
> the Delphi environment.

Yes, I also feel that more options (working out-of-the-box) would be
really nice. The main problem is that in GTK#, you don't have all the
extensibility you need to really build easily reusable new components.
Currently the wrapping layer doesn't cope with the GInterface
mechanism, for instance, but hopefully this problem will be solved in
the near future.

>For the app I would like to convert, I need to
> find a way to substitute the functionality of a TStringGrid  and
> TListView.

Doesn't know these components, I've been away from Delphi for the last
10 years.

>If there are no third party widgets, correct me if I'm wrong,
> the only thing I see in the toolbox that may be usable for this purpose
> is the TextView widget.

I think it should be the TreeView widget. It is kind of a tree/grid
mixed widget, where the tree can be flat and then it looks and behaves
like a simple grid.

>Can this display cells/rows/columns ?

TreeView excels at that.

> I also need a charting widget which displays bars and pies, but as NPlot and
> ZedGraph are the only candidates I have found, this looks like a
> challenge.

Not really. I think you can easily add the metadata to NPlot's GTK#
version to make it fully hosteable in Stetic, It maybe tedious, if
there are many properties/events to map, but it is, AFAIK, feasible.

>I also need a DateEdit widget, which I do see in the Glade
> toolbox but not in Stetic. What steps would I need to take to use that
> one under Stetic ?

I think code (C#or Boo) for a more complete one floated around in the
lists, but I don't have time now to search it. As for this that
appears in Glade, if it is already wrapped in GTK# (it may reside in
some separate native lib that isn't currently wrapped), I think adding
the metadata is easy, as the number of properties/events is low. If it
isn't already, wrapped, the GAPI tool that was developed to help
create such wrappings can used to generate most of the needed code and
then the metadata can be added.

Sorry, I'm in the middle of a rush for my client these days, and so I
can't help more just now.

Hope you'll find your way to a solution.


Rafael "Monoman" Teixeira
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