[MonoDevelop] CodeBehindService, ICodeBehindProvider - no support for partial classes?

Ivan N. Zlatev contact at i-nz.net
Thu Jul 26 10:06:28 EDT 2007

To me it seems that the current CodeBehindService implementation is
based on class names and assumes that the code behind file will have a
different class name than the code-in-front file. What about partial
classes where the class name will be the same (and the difference will
be made by filename I suppose)?

What impact would this have if I want in my WinFormsAddin to have a
partial class, e.g Form1.cs and Form1.Designer.cs and I want
Form1.Designer.cs to be the codebehind file and be shown in the
project treeview as a child of Form1.cs?

Ivan N. Zlatev

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