[MonoDevelop] Unable to launch monodevelop after installation

Sanford Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 12:09:35 EDT 2007

On 7/26/07, Allan Edwards <aedwards at aspire.ws> wrote:
> The irony is... the best technology and productivity will probably come
> from mono but the team does not do enough to on board newbies when they
> start.

Newbies should start in a distro-supported and distro-provided
environment.  If they are doing otherwise they are not newbies.

> I installed .12 from synaptic in ubuntu because my .13 install
> would not start mono.  I get the MOZILLA_HOME_FIVE issue.  When I went
> to start the .12 monodevelop it would not start.  For some odd reason I
> can start it from a root console.

How did you install 0.13 (from the tarball, using the full Mono+MD
installer, from svn, etc)?  Did you uninstall 0.13 before reinstalling
the distro's 0.12?  Did you try deleting your MD configuration
directories?  If you used the full Mono+MD installer, did you also
revert to the distro-provided version of Mono?

> Where is the
> 1 - step by step installation list

Step 1. Use your distro's provided package.
Step 2. (There is no step 2, you're done)

Step 1a. (for advanced users) Download tarball.
Step 2a. Run `./configure` and make sure dependencies are met.
Step 3a. `make && sudo make install`

There are many posts on this list helping people run MD from SVN or
other sources that are not distro-provided.  Looking through these
posts could be very helpful.  But clearly when you're using
non-distro-provided packages, you are moving outside of the scope of
official support.

> 2 - log of problems you can encounter and how to fix them when you do
> after the install of a mono distribution?

The mailing list is a very rich source of past information and current
knowledge.  If you find there are recurring problems, and you feel
they should be documented, I'm sure the MD developers would appreciate
any help you can give documenting these on the web site.

MonoDevelop is provided for you free of charge and free of
restrictions.  If you feel there are shortcomings and would like them
to be overcome, perhaps you could devote some of your resources to the
project?  This can be as simple as filing bugs or posting information
on this mailing list.  But accusing the developers of not caring about
your needs as a user is unlikely to help anything, especially when it
is so clear that they care very much.


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