[MonoDevelop] Key Bindings patch

Jeffrey Stedfast fejj at novell.com
Fri Jul 13 17:24:50 EDT 2007

This is the result of my merging my backend keybinding changes with
Balaji's OptionPanel patch + a number of alterations I've made to the

Sending it here because I don't have time to commit it before I head out
for the weekend and figured I'd post it here so Balaji was kept
up-to-date with the key binding stuff :)

There's still some stuff left to do... the main things are:

1. Implement a KeyBindingService class which can:
  a) load key-binding templates (and knows where to find them)
  b) list available key-binding templates
  c) save user's config'd key-bindings(?), probably to
  d) load KeyBindings.xml

2. probably have the code that loads addin commands query the
KeyBindingService for what the keybinding should be on a per-command
basis as it loads the addin.xml files...

3. Implement the TODO's (some are already kinda roughed out) in

Also... need Lluis to comment on CommandManager.cs changes, not sure my
changes are correct (tho it does seem to work).


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