[MonoDevelop] text editor patch for simple class/member selector

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Mon Jan 8 10:27:25 EST 2007


Thanks for the hints Lluis :) With icons and ambience, it became much
nicer than before.

> > - Is there already a way to get localized string for ClassType (such
> >   as "class" and "struct") ? I believe yes but don't know where.
> Nope, AFAIK.

Ok, now that types are accompanied by icons, there is no need to label
types with text anymore.

> What I miss in this patch is a class selector, since there can be more
> than one class in the same file. It would be also very useful to always
> show in the combo the member where the cursor is positioned. AFAIR
> somebody provided such a patch, but I don't remember what happened to
> it.

In fact my first patch (only put on #monodevelop) contains two
comboboxes, like what you have in mind and VS.NET has in reality.
After short discussion with Miguel, I changed it to single combobox
to use space more efficiently (as the new sshot shows, the formatted
members, especially methods, are likely to be quite wide). But it is
easy to switch back to the original two comboboxes, so I'd follow
your decision.

I have some more questions:

	- Does Ambience always exist? My patch premises its existence.
	- I don't feel comfortable to use FocusChildSet for the ComboBox
	  to detect control activation. Looks like it is invoked more
	  than I want. Is there better signal to use? I have to say,
	  I'm quite newbie in gtk land :|

New patch is attached, and new sshot is uploaded (it has only one
combobox for now):

Atsushi Eno

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