[MonoDevelop] Mono.Data.Sql - remove refereces to data providers and use Mono.Data.ProviderFactory

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 5 17:00:09 EST 2007


Can you also do me a HUGE favor please?

Can you make Mono.Data.Sql to be on-demand and

When I get a list of tables, I would like an option to
only get a list of table names (and any other
identifying data such as owner name - for postgresql i
think they even have namespaces now), but nothing
else.  I want to later explicitly get a list of table
column definitions when needed such as a user expands
a tree node for a given database table then.  Same
with indexes, primary keys, contraints, and triggers
on a table.  And only build the SQL when asked.

It takes several minutes after connecting to load all
the tables and columns and stored procedures, and its
source and views and its source for Oracle -- and I'm
only talking about a Sample database -- not even real
world.  So, this is why I want on-demand functionality
in Mono.Data.Sql.  Is this possible?


--- Christian Hergert <christian.hergert at gmail.com>

> dan, got this working locally, let me send you a
> patch to check out.
> -- Christian
> On 1/5/07, Daniel Morgan <monodanmorg at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> > Hello Christian,
> >
> > I'm bringing up an old email on the
> monodevelop-list
> > about removing references to the data providers. 
> Are
> > you or is someone working on this?  If not, I
> would
> > like to continue on this and hopefully get it into
> svn
> > before MonoDevelop 1.0.
> >
> >
> >
> > I do want to make Mono.Data.Sql as the basis for a
> > future of sqlsharpgtk.  Also other database tools
> that
> > run on Mono/gtk# such as a Table Builder that you
> > mentioned but also a Table Exporter Assistant.
> >
> > And if Mono.Data.Sql is built with the 2.0 profile
> and
> > a data provider supports ADO.NET 2.0 features such
> as
> > GetSchema, then we could use this via compiler
> #if. I
> > say this because I would like to maintain
> > compatibility with the 1.1 profile for awhile.
> >
> >
> >
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