[MonoDevelop] Using MonoDevelop when you're still tied to autotools

Sanford Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 09:48:02 EST 2007

Hey all,

I'm looking for guidance on how best to use MonoDevelop on a project
that uses autotools.  I've listed some questions below.  Any
suggestions would be appreciated.   ;-)

1. Assume the majority of contributors to the project want to continue
using autotools, and that getting rid of the existing setup is not an
option.  Is it possible to make the project buildable directly from MD
without stepping on autotools' toes?  If so, is it worth it to
maintain two build systems?

2. If the answer above is no, what do people do?  Do I really need to
hack in MD, then switch to a terminal and type "make"?  Is there a way
to configure MD so that when I select "Build" it knows to run "make"
in a certain directory, and redirect the output to MD's own build
output dialog?

3. I set up an unbuildable MD Solution for my project that just
includes all the proper C# files.  A helper process for MD was using
extra CPU for hours, but still auto-complete wouldn't work.  Then I
restarted MD and magically auto-complete worked perfectly.  Any
thoughts on this?

4. Could the svn addin rock any more?  Holy crap you guys hit the nail
on the head with this one.  ;-)

5. Any other suggestions/anecdotes/etc?


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