[MonoDevelop] How do I begin working on monodevelop?

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Mon Feb 19 08:21:38 EST 2007

El dl 19 de 02 del 2007 a les 02:21 -0700, en/na John Anderson va
> I was wondering if anyone could outline their basic procedures when
> working with additions to monodevelop.  I have it completely compiling
> with ./autogen --prefix=/usr/local --enable-java --enable-boo
> --enable-aspnet --enable-aspnetedit    with make and surprisingly
> today I opened up the latest SVN of md and it actually compiled from
> within itself but what I don't understand how to do is actually
> launch/work with it.  When I launch the MonoDevelop.Startup project
> from MonoDevelop it pops up saying that it couldn't load the boo
> binding add-in even though autogen/make compiles and installs
> boobinding just fine.
> So, to clarify, what i'm looking for is: 
> 1. What commands do you use to build usually

I run "make" in the root MD directory. Building MD from inside MD should
work most of the time, but you need to autogen and do a clean make from
the cmd line before that.

> 2. If working within monodevelop, how would you tell md not to try to
> use an add-in, I know how to tell it not to build.

You can just disable the add-in using the MD add-in manager available at
the "Tools/Addin Manager" menu, or by running "mdtool gsetup".

> 3. How do you launch a newly compiled md from console without
> installing it?  MonoDevelop.StartUp doesn't produce an executable

make run

> 4. Any other tips on working on md

Checkout two source code trees in your system: one to use as
"production" (the one you will use to run MD for your daily work), and
one for "development" (the one you'll actually be modifying). So, you
start the production MD and open the development MD project. Keep an
open console in the development MD dir, and use make, make clean, make
run or whatever you need to do.

I hope that helps!

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