[MonoDevelop] Console application reads deleted characters

Miguel Ángel Pérez mangelp at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 06:55:08 EST 2007

Hello kadri.

I have tested it and works fine for me with mono 1.2.3 from binary installer
in fedora core 3 and 6.
If you are not using mono from version 1.2.3 it may be a bug that is already
fixed, so you must upgrade.

Anyway you should provide your test code, your current mono version and your
distro if you want more help.

(sorry for the duplicate mail)

2007/2/17, Kadri Kalemci < kadrikalemci at gmail.com>:
> Hi.
> I wrote a simple console application. It will read lines and put to an
> string array.
> But, in terminal window, if you delete some characters by pressing
> backspace, Console.ReadLine() returns these deleted characters too.
> Sample:
> you write "kadri ma"
> ma is wrong, delete these characters pressing backspace twice..
> And continue typing "kalemci"
> in the terminal you see "kadri kalemci"
> but ReadLine() returns kadri makalemci"
> Whats the problem? How can I solve it?
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