[MonoDevelop] Subversion addin

Grzegorz Sobanski silk at boktor.net
Thu Feb 15 06:30:56 EST 2007


I have a question - what's needed for Subversion adding to kick in?

I have a directory under a svn version control.
It contains .mds solution and .mdp projects in subdirectories.
Everything is under svn control.

Now, I open this .mds in MD. Every submenu "version control" on every
item (solution, project, cs file) has just "publish" and "this project
or folder is not under version control".

Am I doing something wrong? 
Should I configure solution/projects some special way?
I don't see any options in solution/project properties.

In the addins manager I have "subversion support for..." v. 0.12
MD compiled from SVN (few days old).
Ubuntu feisty.

IIRC some of the first versions of subversion addin (from few months ago)
did populate this menu properly, but it was totally unstable at that

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