[MonoDevelop] VS2003 project importer

Ankit Jain radical at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 13:24:44 EST 2007


I've committed a patch to remove the menu option to Import VS2003 projects.
Instead, now you can directly open such a project like any other
project, but instead
of loading the project, MD will prompt for conversion to either MD
project or VS2005 project.
So, this is still an importer, and does not provide support for
directly working with vs2003
project files.

It basically uses the existing vs2003 importer underneath. Only thing
that changed in
the importer is naming of embedded resources, which now follows the
same rules as VS2005.

If you have any vs2003 projects, then please test this out. You'll
ofcourse have to get MD
from svn for this.

Currently, it will overwrite your old sln/csproj files when converting
to VS2005 format, so
ensure that you take a backup before trying this!


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