[MonoDevelop] D language plugin

Joe Dluzen jdluzen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 09:16:39 EST 2007

Hello MD devs and users,

I am currently working on a D language plugin for MD, mainly because I
think that MD is a Very good IDE, and one that I would like to see
used more often. My D interest is coming from the OpenMoko project,
which I am hoping to make bindings for. That, and there's a chance
that D will be compilable to CLI code soon too.

I've been following the information on the development section of the
MD site, and have the plugin compiled at least. It shows up in the
Addins Manager, but as of right now, doesn't do much.

My endgame is for it to have code completion, but I really haven't
looked at that part at all. My current goal is for it to be compilable
and all around useful. My next step is to implement the Build and
Execute methods. Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers for me?
Or should I just look at the other language plugins to get a good feel
for what needs to be done?


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