[MonoDevelop] Thanks MonoDevelop Team....

Paulo Aboim Pinto esqueleto at tusofona.com
Wed Aug 15 00:08:10 EDT 2007


For several months I only use Mono and MonoDevelop to develop my .NET 
applications. Right now I can develop my objects in Mono / MonoDevelop 
and import them to SharePoint 2007 for example. Even I could not create 
ASPX pages that use WebParts, I can create them and use in MOSS 2007.

There are few points that I would like to see in MonoDevelop that will 
boost all my (and other) development.

1º Collapse parts of Code in Regions
LLuis told me that this is implemented in GTK 2.10. MonoDevelop use now 
2.8 (something like this). When we can have this feature?

2º Better code-completion even in HTML files.
I think (this is my opinion), make code-completion work on ASPX files 
will boost the ASP.NET development. Of course this is not a priority 
In ASPX files when we write "<" and MonoDevelop should be able to show 
us all the kind of objects (HTML or ASP.NET) that we could write. Even 
inside a tag (HTML or ASP.NET) the code-completion should give us all 
the options that we can use.
Inside a tag (HTML or ASP.NET) when we open the option CssClass, 
MonoDevelop should be able to know what CSS files this page use and show 
all the Css-Class available to be choose.
VisualStudio do this very well and the VS2008 have all this features.

3º Of course, debugger will be nice. Right now I can work without it, 
but if we have will be good.

I know that this is now mandatory suggestions but are my suggestions.

Continue the good work team.

Paulo Aboim Pinto
Odivelas - Portugal

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