[MonoDevelop] Problem running MD from 1.2.4_6 linux installer.

Jacek Ruzyczka ruzyczka at versanet.de
Tue Aug 14 14:21:26 EDT 2007


> I just ran the 1.2.4_6 linux installer and I am getting the following
> output.
> $ bin/monodevelop
> ERROR: Add-in scan operation failed. The Mono runtime may have
> encountered an error while trying to load an assembly.


> Add-in scan operation failed
> Unhandled Exception: Mono.Addins.Setup.InstallException: Application
> not found: IDE
>   at MonoDevelop.Core.ApplicationService.StartApplication
> (System.String appId, System.String[] parameters) [0x00000]
>   at MonoDevelop.Startup.SharpDevelopMain.Main (System.String[] args)
> [0x00000]
I encountered exactly the same problem whilst trying to update from 0.13 to 
0.14. The reason is a somehow corrupt config file in 

Solution (at least in my particular case): Delete all contents of the 
abovementioned directory. MonoDevelop may issue some warning message during 
the next startup, but subsequent launches shoulsd run fine.

Jacek Rużyczka

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