[MonoDevelop] Tutorial for Nunit in monodevelop?

Steve Deobald steve at deobald.ca
Thu Apr 12 18:03:40 EDT 2007

Hi Johannes,

Are you looking for a tutorial only on NUnit + MonoDevelop, or are you
more interested in learning the workflow? (By that, I mean "red bar ->
green bar -> refactor" inside of MonoDevelop.)

I don't know if there is much in the way of existing tutorials, but
I'd be happy to write something if it's TDD-specific.


On 4/11/07, Johannes Graumann <johannes_graumann at web.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to all of this and have a really hard time to learn this ide
> stuff ... seems to me that it takes just as much time to learn it than to
> learn the programming language in question ...
> I could not find any monodevelop tutorials that suited me and would be very
> happy if people could point me to some good stuff. What I'm looking
> specifically for right now is a tutorial on the use of Nunit from within
> monodevelop, since I intend to investigate the
> Write-Test-first/write-conforming-code-later paradigm based on C#.
> Any hints are highly appreciated.
> Cheers, Joh
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