[MonoDevelop] Code completion stopped working, no apparent reason

Mário Duarte da Cruz duartecruz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 15:22:29 EDT 2006

Running version 0.12 under Gentoo. Code completion just stopped working
out of the blue - or after some unknown and therefore impossible to
backtrack update to the system. I've rebuilt both monodevelop and its
supporting libs a dozen times by now. Cleared all configuration files,
tried reverting to previous versions, all to no avail.

The code completion data is created when need be, but both contextual
and alt+space help are never available. And no errors are printed to the
console from where monodevelop is being run.

Has this happened to anyone, is there a quick/simple/obvious solution[1]
or will I have to dive in the code and (try to) find the source of this
annoying bug?

Best regards,

Duarte Cruz

[1] Yes, I've checked the option in the preferences, and the XML config
file confirms it.

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