[MonoDevelop] AspNet Design Editor Exception

Gideon de Swardt gdeswardt1978 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 14 05:19:08 EDT 2006

Hi All

I tried out the new AspNet Editor this morning but got the following error when I try and view the Default.aspx in the Designer. Please see screenshot. I have also included the output in the console window.


Gideon de Swardt

Here is the output from the console:

Creating AspNetEdit editor
Generated name for component: WebFormPage1
Creating RootDesigner
RootDesignerView created
Creating document...
Attempting to create component textBox1
Created component textBox1
System.ComponentModel.StringConverter ID
Attempting to create component button1
Created component button1
System.ComponentModel.StringConverter ID
System.ComponentModel.StringConverter Click
Loading XUL...
Document created.
AspNetEdit host activated; getting designer view
Created AspNetEdit EditorHost
Building AspNetEdit GUI
Designer view realized
Built AspNetEdit GUI
Javascript: Initialising...
Javascript:     Created editor, initialising...
Javascript:     Editor initialised, creating host...
Javascript:     Host created, initialising...
XUL loaded.
An exception occurred in the GUI thread

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