[MonoDevelop] Announcement: First release of C# Bugzilla WebService client (version 0.1.0)

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Tue Nov 28 16:44:34 EST 2006

tirsdag 28 november 2006 17:38 skrev Jacob Ilsø Christensen:
> Hi.

Hi Jacob. Always nice to speak to a fellow dane ;-)

> This looks very interesting indeed. Some time ago I thought of
> starting a bugzilla add-in for MonoDevelop but did not pursue it
> further due to lack of webservice support in bugzilla.

You should note, that the WebService in Bugzilla 3.0 is far from complete 
(Bugzilla 3.0 is "frozen" at the moment, so even though I do have some 
patches for the WebService, no new enhancements are currently accepted). But 
sufficient for many common operations. I intend to provide some patches for 
Bugzilla, which I will try to get accepted into Bugzilla ASAP after the first 
release of Bugzilla 3.0 (I wrote several patches for the WebService in 3.0, 

> But now we could start an add-in for MonoDevelop using your client. :-)

Thats part of the motivation for this library - yes. So, I would appreciate 
your feedback very much, and be quite happy to try to accomodate the library 
to your needs.

> Do you know of any sites running a version of bugzilla that the add-in
> could be tested against?

Yes, landfill.bugzilla.org/bugzilla-tip.

I have updated the CVS of bugzproxy to allow this site to be used (I had 
totally missed the case where a bugzilla server was not located at the root 
of a domain, but adding support for this was trivial) and modified 4 of the 
example programs to access this site by default, (ServerVersion, 
ListProducts, ListBug, ListBugs), as well as enabled the Test program to 
access this site.

You can access the CVS repo by using the information at 
if you have trouble using CVS or compiling the library, do not hesitate to let 
me know, and I will whip together a new release for you!

(The documentation at oss.dbc.dk/bugzproxy has been updated slightly too, 

Please do not hesitate to send me your comments/experience/questions, etc.



> /Jacob
> On 11/28/06, Mads Bondo Dydensborg <mbd at dbc.dk> wrote:
> > Hi there
> >
> > First of, sorry if this is off-topic - please redirect me to a more 
> > forum for announcements, if it is.
> >
> > I have released the first version of a C# Bugzilla WebService client 
> > available under LGPL, with a homepage at http://oss.dbc.dk/bugzproxy/ 
> > links to sourceforge project site for cvs/files)
> >
> > Bugzproxy is a client library for the upcoming Bugzilla Bugtracker 
> > interface (part of Bugzilla 3.0), written in C#, that provides an OO 
> > to a Bugzilla server.
> >
> > This release is the first release of bugzproxy, and provides support for 
> > of the WebService functionality currently included in the Bugzilla CVS 
> > which will become part of the first Bugzilla 3.0 release candicate, 
> > in early december.
> >
> > The aim of Bugzproxy is to allow easy building of various clients, such as
> > command line tools, and Visual Studio plugins, possibly MonoDevelop 
> > that facilitate the integration of a Bugzilla into the various C# tool
> > chains.
> >
> > This first release has been built using Mono/Linux, but should easily 
build on
> > Windows. (.exe and .dll files provided, as well as source).
> >
> > As the project's aim is to provide an efficient and intuitive OO API, the 
> > probably will change in future revisions, but it is our feeling that the
> > current API is a good start. It is well documented, and a number of 
> > programs are provided. We solicit feedback on the future development of 
> > program, and encourage C# developers using the Bugzilla bugtracker 
> > to give it a try.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Mads
> >
> > P.S. I am not subscribed to the monodevelop-list, so please direct any 
> > directly to me, thanks.

Med venlig hilsen/Regards

Systemudvikler/Systemsdeveloper cand.scient.dat, Ph.d., Mads Bondo Dydensborg
Dansk BiblioteksCenter A/S, Tempovej 7-11, 2750 Ballerup, Tlf. +45 44 86 77 34

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