[MonoDevelop] Planning MonoDevelop 1.0

Charlie Poole charlie at pooleconsulting.com
Fri Nov 24 12:41:36 EST 2006

Hi ALl, 

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>       * NUnit: It can be considered feature complete for 1.0. The only
>         missing issue to resolve is what to do with the NUnit
>         dependency. Right now the add-in can't be built with recent
>         NUnit versions since they have breaking changes. I 
> talked about
>         this with Charlie Poole in the Mono summit and he suggested to
>         embed the most recent NUnit dlls into the add-in, 
> since even if
>         the API has some breaking changes, new NUnit versions 
> can still
>         run tests written for all the previous versions.

For development purposes, I suggest moving to the NUnit 2.4 Beta code.
There are interface differences between 2.0 and 2.2.8 and further changes
from 2.2.8 to 2.4. The 2.4 TestRunner interface could still change a little,
but only in the direction of simplification.


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