[MonoDevelop] Linux Distro to Use

PFJ paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Wed May 24 10:35:10 EDT 2006


> While I'm at it...  Does anybody know why FedoraExtras didn't sync
> with monodevelop as Fedora rolled out Mono with FC5?  It's clearly not
> a technical issue since Paul Johnson provided at least one path (circa
> monodevelop 0.10) and even these un-tuned rpms work well enough.  It's
> been a couple of weeks since I checked on the progress of having
> monodevelop in Extras, but it hasn't happened yet and FC6 Test1
> release is just around the corner.  Odd.

Well, it's never quite that simple - and there is a MD-0.11 rpm sitting
on my machine at home. Personally, I don't know why MD is a candidate
for FE when it really should be in Core. I have a feeling that it's down
to why RH accepted Mono. I certainly get a feeling it was taken somewhat
grudgingly based on the number of people reviewing the packages (though
they are slowly getting through!)

FC6t1 isn't just around the corner either - it's a month or so off!

Currently, gtksourceview-sharp and monodoc are being reviewed, though I
do have boo and ikvm support built into my rpm of MD, so all 4 need
approval before MD gets the go light.



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