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Richard Hendershot rshendershot at mchsi.com
Wed May 24 10:26:27 EDT 2006

There are some dependancies that break yum update.  mono(pango...),
mono(gdk...), mono(gtk...) and one or two others.  For now I've gotten
it all working by removing from the rpm database so that yum update does
not check them.  Not the best solution but I'm very glad these FC5 rpms
have been made available.  Thanks to any and all involved!

        rpm -e --justdb gtksourceview-sharp2-0.10-3.novell

There's also a strange artifact of installing monodevelop and/or its
necessary dependencies that breaks MIME behavior on FC5.   Using the
Smart Package Manager its a relatively easy solution to use its
'reinstall' feature on gnome-vfs2, gnome-mime-data and shared-mime-info
which seems to repair the damage.  Several people have experienced this
problem and posted on fedoraforum.org so it's not just my system.  I
don't have enough detail to submit a bug report and it's (now all)
working for me; just thought I'd mention it...

While I'm at it...  Does anybody know why FedoraExtras didn't sync with
monodevelop as Fedora rolled out Mono with FC5?  It's clearly not a
technical issue since Paul Johnson provided at least one path (circa
monodevelop 0.10) and even these un-tuned rpms work well enough.  It's
been a couple of weeks since I checked on the progress of having
monodevelop in Extras, but it hasn't happened yet and FC6 Test1 release
is just around the corner.  Odd.

And, I should take this opportunity to say how thrilled I am that
monodevelop now provides a gui designer.  Also the progress on this
package is phenomenal. Kudos and Thanks!


On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 23:49 +0100, Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes wrote:

> I do use FC5 and mono/monodevelop from source/svn with no problem. In
> fact I noticed that while there are rpms to mono there aren't for
> monodevelop in the official fedora repositories.
> But there are rpms for the lastest mono and monodevelop in the mono
> web page. In fact you even have a yum repository for fedora core 5
> rpms, did you try those? 
> http://www.go-mono.com/download/fedora-5-i386/
> On 5/23/06, mark carew <markcarew at magicwanddept.com.au> wrote:
>         Hi All,
>         Wonder what linux distribution may be used in which
>         monodevelop 0.11 is
>         able to be installed from binaries. I've spent several
>         frustrating days
>         with Fedora Core 5 to no avail. Thinking of using monoppix on
>         another
>         box just to get the feeling for the interface. Notice on
>         debian lists 
>         that gtksharp_2 completion seems to be holding up dependency
>         resolution.
>         Thanks
>         Mark Carew
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