[MonoDevelop] XML Editor

Matt Ward ward.matt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 13:52:04 EST 2006


The source code for the XML Editor is now available from SourceForge. 
As in my previous email, it is about 90% complete, there are a few
bits and pieces that are missing that will be added shortly.

1) Requirements

The latest version of MonoDevelop from the repository and MonoDevelop

2) Download

The source code can checked out from the Subversion repository using:

svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/md-xed/trunk md-xmleditor

3) Installation

./autogen.sh --prefix=/path/to/monodevelop
make install

Or use the MonoDevelop.XmlEditor solution.  Further information in the README.

4) How to use

An overview and screenshots can be found at:


5) Issues and Missing Features

Known issues and missing features can be found in the TODO document.

6) Bugs and Feature Requests


7) Thanks

Atsushi Eno for fixing XML schema problems as fast as I can report them.



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