[MonoDevelop] XML Editor

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Wed Mar 1 18:44:06 EST 2006

El dom, 26-02-2006 a las 12:38 +0000, Matt Ward escribió:
> Hi,
> Is anybody working on an XML Editor for MonoDevelop?

Nobody AFAIK.

> I spent a bit of time porting over the XML Editor that I previously
> implemented for SharpDevelop, mainly for my own interest.  It's about
> 90% complete and works with MonoDevelop from the repository (revision
> 57256).
> Features:
> 1) Element, attribute, attribute value and namespace auto-completion
> for configured schemas.
> 2) XML validation against a schema.
> 3) XML formatting (pretty printing).
> 4) Inferring a schema given an xml document.
> 5) Automatic end element completion.
> 6) Schema configuration
>        a) User can add new schemas.
>        b) User can specify a default schema to be associated with a
> particular file extension.
> Missing Features:
> Running XSL transforms.
> Searching - not currently implemented.
> Displaying the schema annotation.
> Folding.
> Issues:
> 1) A few of the unit tests for the xml completion are broken under
> Mono.  There seem to be some differences between Mono's XmlSchema
> classes and Microsoft's which I have not yet resolved.
> 2) Code duplication - some of the code is taken directly from the
> MonoDevelop.SourceEditor classes.
> 3) Contains a slightly modified version of the CompletionListWindow.
> The version with MonoDevelop relies on the CodeCompletionData class. 
> The modified version changes the width of the list window when
> displaying namespaces.  This width is hard coded, ideally the list
> should expand to fit the list items.
> 4) Does not work with MonoDevelop 0.9 - uses the insertbefore
> attribute so the xml editor display binding is queried before the
> normal text editor's display binding when opening a file.
> If there is any interest, I'll look at finishing it off and making the
> source code available, probably on SourceForge.

It would be awesome if you can work on this. I'm sure a lot of people
will find it really useful (including myself).


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