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"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 17:36:46 EST 2006

Matt Ward escribió:
> Hi,
> Is anybody working on an XML Editor for MonoDevelop?
> I spent a bit of time porting over the XML Editor that I previously
> implemented for SharpDevelop, mainly for my own interest.  It's about
> 90% complete and works with MonoDevelop from the repository (revision
> 57256).
> Features:
> 1) Element, attribute, attribute value and namespace auto-completion
> for configured schemas.
> 2) XML validation against a schema.
> 3) XML formatting (pretty printing).
> 4) Inferring a schema given an xml document.
> 5) Automatic end element completion.
> 6) Schema configuration
>        a) User can add new schemas.
>        b) User can specify a default schema to be associated with a
> particular file extension.
> Missing Features:
> Running XSL transforms.
> Searching - not currently implemented.
> Displaying the schema annotation.
> Folding.
> Issues:
> 1) A few of the unit tests for the xml completion are broken under
> Mono.  There seem to be some differences between Mono's XmlSchema
> classes and Microsoft's which I have not yet resolved.
> 2) Code duplication - some of the code is taken directly from the
> MonoDevelop.SourceEditor classes.
> 3) Contains a slightly modified version of the CompletionListWindow.
> The version with MonoDevelop relies on the CodeCompletionData class.
> The modified version changes the width of the list window when
> displaying namespaces.  This width is hard coded, ideally the list
> should expand to fit the list items.
> 4) Does not work with MonoDevelop 0.9 - uses the insertbefore
> attribute so the xml editor display binding is queried before the
> normal text editor's display binding when opening a file.
> If there is any interest, I'll look at finishing it off and making the
> source code available, probably on SourceForge.

I am also interested on this. It looks like a wonderful plan.
BTW, as you have mentioned XSL, add to the issues list that files with
.xsl and .xslt extensions are not coloured as the .xml are right now by MD.


	Andrés	[ knocte ]

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