[MonoDevelop] Generics in CC

Alejandro Serrano trupill at yahoo.es
Tue Jul 4 12:44:05 EDT 2006

Please, when you think the code is OK enough to be
used, commit it. I'll be really looking forward to it.

Thanks in advance,

 --- Matej Urbas <matej.urbas at gmail.com> escribió:

> Alejandro Serrano wrote:
> > Can this code be commited to the SVN? I would like
> to start working on 
> > having generics support on Nemerle binding. I
> think the actual code is 
> > good enough to be commited (and it would create
> less problems if we 
> > all worked with the same version).
> It can't be commited yet. It has to be tested
> further... In fact I have 
> already found a regression.
> The problem I'm experiencing is that when the code
> completion window 
> opens, all the base types of all classes have the
> name 
> PersistentReturnType :D I will try to filter out the
> cause and fix it.
> Regards
> ---
> Matej

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