[MonoDevelop] Binding parser's Resolve method

Alejandro Serrano trupill at yahoo.es
Sun Jan 29 11:15:12 EST 2006

Hi, I'm trying to implement code completion for Nemerle binding. The 
compiler itselfs ships with its own parsing and suggestion engine, so 
the only thing I needed was to create wrappers around it. However, now 
that I'm trying to implement code completion, I don't know so much how 
to do it:
- Do I need to implement all CtrlSpace, IsAsResolve and Resolve methods? 
As of now, I as trying to do it only with Resolve.
- What do I have to return. I mean, most of the things are just 
ArrayList: what do I have to put inside them: the IMembers? Special 
info? Strings? It would be fine if someone could tell me what to do exactly.

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: I'm using Cecil 0.2, because 0.1 fails with my add-in, and I think 
MD should change to it.

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