[MonoDevelop] about buttons and icon on tabs

"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 17:22:56 EST 2006

Felipe Almeida Lessa escribió:
> Em Qui, 2006-01-26 às 22:45 +0100, "Andrés G. Aragoneses" escreveu:
>> I was going to tell also this, but comparing it to Firefox instead of
>> VS. In fact, this decision seems to be very best suited for the whole
>> desktop in general (Gnome in this case).
> Gaim, Gedit and Epiphany use the close button inside each tab, so
> MonoDevelop currently is following the "GNOME standard".

I didn't say the opposite. I am sure this has already been discussed in
Gnome-lists but, since Firefox seems to be lately very integrated to
Gnome, perhaps it could be a good decision to change to this style in
the full desktop standard, because it seems a little bit better.


	Andrés [ knocte ]


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