[MonoDevelop] Fwd: about monodevelop

Francisco T. Martinez martinf at mfconsulting.com
Thu Jan 19 08:20:43 EST 2006

That is a great suggestion not just for MonoDevelop but for any code
project that would be looked at by a second set of eye balls other than
the programmer currently coding in it.  While stating the obvious in an
non-constructive way, we could also find if the Bush Administration has
a mailing list and you could send them a message asking them to stop the
war in Iraq.

I mean seriously, you could have spend a little more time looking at the
already available anonymous SVN repository and begin submitting patches
with documentation, tutorials and clarifications.  Open Source projects
work with very limited resources and those dedicated are there creating
new functionality, fixing bugs and generally cranking out code.

Trust me, the MonoDevelop team already knows that documentation and
explanations are helpful and have already provided a Wiki as well as the
many blog entries that the lead developers put out regularly on all
things MD.

Don't state the obvious.  Roll up your sleeves and lend a hand.


hemant wrote:
> Guys..many of us feel that, monodevelop is not properly documented and
> its a bit difficult to find your way around. The code is also
> commented very little.
> Can you guys do something about it?

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