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hemant gethemant at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 06:42:40 EST 2006

Guys..many of us feel that, monodevelop is not properly documented and its a
bit difficult to find your way around. The code is also commented very

Can you guys do something about it?

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From: Muthiah Annamalai <muthus_post at yahoo.com>
Date: Jan 19, 2006 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: about monodevelop
To: hemant kumar <gethemant at gmail.com>

Hi Hemant,
I was really happy my patch got accepted. I hacked on it beacuse my
cousin [he works in US], tried MD, and hes a big MS Vis Studio whiz.
He couldnt use MD like it was difficult.

Im loving MD, I mean it was so good to have all the wonderful features
into the IDE, monodoc, autocompletion [MAN!], and ofcourse compiling,
and syntax hiliting!

But I was looking for some guidance with the codebase, as I wanted
to fix a bug on the background color of the editor,[in Bugzilla].
I think it is not being saved when you set it from the preferences,
and so the editors background color is not updated.

I cannot find where they are saving the colors. Guide me into finding,
the structure of the code. I have only a vague idea.

Goodluck on the keybinding patch, make many patches, and release a
simple patch soon, so that you can keep moving things fast.

My cousin [Nathan] told me to study design patterns and structure my code.
He helped me to refactor Octave-FLTK code, and suggested I use templates.
He is actually a mechanical engineer, but currently a software architect.
ideas are really good regarding design of software. He asked me to read
the 'Design Patterns' book, I feel you must also read that book.

Anyway, also found a ASP.NET editor in SVN, someone must write a plugin
for that. I can fix some GTK# issues in MD, but I need to know the codebase,
and its architecture style, as I cannot be wandering around in the
directory tree!!

Looking forward to your patch.


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