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Grzegorz Sobanski silk at boktor.net
Sun Jan 8 06:57:56 EST 2006

* Colm Gallagher <colm.gallagher at gmail.com> [2006-01-08 02:29]:
> I wanted to add the image to the assembly to avoid the local path, so I
> added a reference to logo.png and then tried the following:
> Gtk.Image logo = new Gtk.Image("logo.png");

You must use other constructor. This on is using local files.
The proper one is:
public Image (System.Reflection.Assembly assembly, string resource)

So, do:
Gtk.Image logo = new Gtk.Image(null, "logo.png");

Gtk.Image logo = Gtk.Image.LoadFromResource("logo.png");

(And logo.png must be added to Resources part of the project)

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