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Colm Gallagher colm.gallagher at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 19:19:15 EST 2006

Hi there,

disclaimer:  I'm a programmer, but a beginner with C#

I built monodevelop on ubuntu breezy using instructions from here:
pleased to report that the build has gone fine and I've started developing
using mono.

I'm starting with a noddy little app for changing my wallpaper using the
gconf bindings.
I've got the tricky things out of the way like selecting files, changing the
wallpaper,  etc.

with this code a logo is displayed correctly in the GTK window
Gtk.Image logo = new Gtk.Image
(I pack it and then add the box to the window)

I wanted to add the image to the assembly to avoid the local path, so I
added a reference to logo.png and then tried the following:
Gtk.Image logo = new Gtk.Image("logo.png");

I just get the "not found" default image.

any ideas

hoping this is just a problem with my poor c# skills than a problem with
monodevelop itself

(btw, sorry for the "noise" - this seems to be a monodevelop dev list, but I
can't find a users list - is there one?)

thx in adv.

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