[MonoDevelop] [Mono-dev] Prj2make

Charlie Poole charlie at pooleconsulting.com
Mon Aug 14 11:13:03 EDT 2006

Hi Francisco, 

> I am currently working on a re-write of Prj2make to add support for MS
> VS2005 C# project types.  As I began the re-write I realized 
> that it would be better to create a different executable than 
> what it exist today -- I am tentatively calling it 
> Prj2make2005.  In this new utility I will not support VS 2003 files.

Although it's more restricted in purpose than prj2make, NUnit contains some
code for parsing VS 2005 project and solution files, in VSProject.cs. Since
NUnit really doesn't care about much in the project files except the configs
and output assemblies, it wouldn't be more than a start. However, it's there
and it's license-compatible.


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