[MonoDevelop] [Mono-dev] Prj2make

Francisco T. Martinez martinf at mfconsulting.com
Sun Aug 13 13:51:39 EDT 2006

Marek Sieradzki wrote:

>I wanted to make some changes in MonoDevelop's prj2make but I saw that
>prj2make is also in Mono. Code is a bit different (one file more in
>mono). Shouldn't the part that can be put into library be a library
>(Mono.Prj2make)? I think that I want to be mantainer of prj2make.
Hi Marek,

The Prj2make executable found in the tools section of mcs, came first.  
My MonoDevelop contributions came later.  The changes in MonoDevelop's 
prj2make add-in are substantial enough to not be merged back into the 
Prj2make executable.  This mainly because the needs that the MonoDevelop 
Add-in satisfy have now diverged from the original intent of the stand 
alone executable.

I am currently working on a re-write of Prj2make to add support for MS 
VS2005 C# project types.  As I began the re-write I realized that it 
would be better to create a different executable than what it exist 
today -- I am tentatively calling it Prj2make2005.  In this new utility 
I will not support VS 2003 files.

As far as you becoming the maintainer for Prj2make, you have my blessing 
and support.


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