[MonoDevelop] Removed files in POTFILES.in

Barış ÇİÇEK baris at teamforce.name.tr
Mon Aug 7 12:57:36 EDT 2006

I knew that it's too late for this release. But translating SVN is mostly
not the most efficient way. SVN is live, and you might end up doing
translation in vain most of times. 

Of course almost complete translation is better than nothing. But it still
won't look professional, if you would have some menu items for example not
translated even though you could able to translate it as well. 

For that reason, best practice should be to have String Freeze period as
in GNOME translation, a week before a release. So that translators can
update their translation, take a last look for the release. 

It's not possible to follow SVN especially for translators every time and
make a revision on the translation. Having a string freeze period, and
maybe a different mailing list for translators (at ximian mailing lists)
would increase the quality of translation considerably.

Sat, 05 Aug 2006 03:10:08 +0300 tarihinde, Baris Cicek dedi ki:

> Hi; 
> When I tried to update a language file in MonoDevelop v0.11 then I
> realized that there're files listed in POTFILES.in which are no longer
> exist. I removed them, but it seems like POTFILES.in is not updated upon
> source tree changes. 
> Maybe it's better to check for new source files to be added to POTFILES,
> so that translators can translate them. I attached POTFILES.diff file
> which includes the changes to make it possible to run intltool-update
> for v0.11.

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