[MonoDevelop] WIndows forms Solution

Pascal Fresnay pascalfresnay at free.fr
Fri Apr 7 11:07:37 EDT 2006

Finn Gruwier Larsen a écrit :
> Buddy Lindsey wrote:
>> Well I meant more creating a solution.  Like you can create a GTK# 
>> solution or a Gnome# solution.
>> Something like that it could help those people that want to make 
>> windows programs on linux o.O
> Why do you want to make Windows programs on Linux? It's much better to 
> make programs that are designed for platform independency from the 
> beginning.
> But if you are asking if somebody are working on improving of Winforms 
> in Mono, I'm sure the answer is "yes".
> Best regards,
> Finn
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We could simply imagine that we want to program multiple GUI to 
integrate each desktop environnement, MonoDevelop + WinForms allow to 
make crossplateform projects, a WinForms project template is not so 
stupid in MonoDevelop.

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