[MonoDevelop] WIndows forms Solution

Finn Gruwier Larsen finn at gruwier.dk
Fri Apr 7 08:23:17 EDT 2006

Christoph G. wrote:

 >-the drawback of WindowsForms under X for me is the speed

That's also my experience!

I haven't tried GTK# under Windows yet,
> but I could imagine that it works fine there,too,

I am developing a small GTK# application in Monodevelop. It is primarily 
targeted at Linux, but I want it to run on Windows, too. Last week I 
tried to move my assemblies to a Windows machine running .NET 1.1. It 
worked right away, without any recompiling, only it always started a 
Windows command window that I couldn't get rid of. To avoid this problem 
I tried to recompile the main assembly (the EXE, containg all the GUI 
stuff) on Windows using SharpDevelop. That solved the problem, and in 
addition the graphic appearance of the program got even better. On XP, 
my program now looks just like any other XP program (except for the GTK 
icon in the top-left corner of each window - don't know how to get rid 
of it).

So my conclusion is clear: If you want your program to look and perform 
great on both Linux and Windows, don't use Windows Forms. Go for GTK#!

> -A bit dissapointing for me on GTK# is the way one could do real OOP with it,
> because of the Application.Run() thing - wich starts one Main-Window-Handler
> for your whole application, so therefore I had difficulties to create real 
> seperate classes for every window I have , and also to seperate the code into 
> different files, as I was used to in Windows. Maybe one of the experienced 
> GTK-programmers here can say something to this point, cause I'm really 
> wondering how large application can be made this way..

I won't say I'm very experienced, but I certainly do real OOP! And I 
certainly create different classes for every window! You might take a 
look at my code (probably I'll put a new version up later today):


Best regards,

Finn G. Larsen

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